Age 21: A Year of Change and Humility

The year I turned 21 was the most tumultuous of my life. In many ways, that one year shaped my life more than any other and determined the direction of my future. […]

What I Learned from my Two Dads

I was blessed to have two Dads. And they each impacted my life in different ways. Both of my Dads were Engineers and they were both very wise with their finances. […]

Quick Tips for a Better Life

Spend some of your spare time increasing your income. Pay off any consumer debt or loans as quickly as possible. Don’t buy anything you don’t need or can’t afford. Pay your bills promptly and in the most efficient manner. […]

What's Your Financial Priority?

Last week, I visited with a friend of mine that I had worked with for almost a decade. We have a number of things in common including a very positive attitude and a general belief that life is a blessing. It’s no coincidence that we have both been through our share of good times and tough times. […]

Control Your Own Finances

For some, it’s hard to admit they need help with their finances. For others, they are happy to delegate this responsibility. No matter how you feel about your finances, it’s critical to retain control. […]