Fixing the American Tax System

Every tax season, I create a post exploring many different aspects of our system of taxation. It’s a discussion of the problems facing taxpayers and solutions that may help to fix the system. […]

Time for a Flat-Rate Income Tax

We must eliminate the ability of the connected and the wealthy to game the system to avoid paying taxes. And, we should require everyone over the poverty line to pay taxes, regardless of the number of dependents. […]

Taxation Without Representation

There is a small but growing revolution in America right now. Taxpayers are becoming fed up with the Government’s constant cycle of waste, deficit spending and raising taxes. […]

Debt and Taxes – The American Way

Just for fun at tax time, I thought I would indulge myself in a post about taxes and their affect on our finances.  It’s a touchy subject for me, because I despise the way our tax contributions are wasted by our Government.  But, I promise not to go into a rant.

I still believe there is […]