Money Fail: Spending to Impress

Last weekend, we had some of the neighbors over and we were talking about the way some people act.  One of my neighbors, who is a salesman, used to live in the new upscale part of town.  He told us he was invited to a barbecue and his neighbor had almost nothing to eat or […]

Money Fail: Ignoring Unpaid Bills

A lot of people are out of work and under financial stress. Others have gotten sick or behind on payments. Some don’t make enough to pay all of their bills. […]

Money Fail: The Payment Mentality

The advertising industry has done a fantastic job of convincing everyone that payments are the new currency.  It’s now considered old-fashioned to save up for something before buying it.  Instant gratification is becoming the norm for young people.  Those who save up and pay with cash are a dying breed.

This is the third post in […]

Carnival of Personal Finance 329: California Dreaming Edition

Welcome to my humble blog and the 329th edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance.  I have been participating in the Carnival of Personal Finance since  the 175th edition, way back in 2008.  It is my honor and privilege to host the carnival this week.  I certainly hope you enjoy it.

California Dreaming Theme

I […]