The Four Seasons of Personal Finance

I am on vacation in Oregon right now, so summer is officially upon me.  I have  always wanted to write about the four seasons of personal finance.  I’ve seen a couple of seasons come and go in my life and I wanted to explain it to those who are just starting out.  Like the story […]

What it Means to be a Father

This Father’s Day, I’m feeling nostalgic, because my youngest child just turned 18. So, on one hand, I have completed my legal responsibility as a parent and a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders. On the other hand, my golden time of sharing their daily lives is coming to an end. […]

The High Cost of Automobiles

One thing that has defined Americans for the past 100 years is our love of automobiles. We went from cowboys riding horses to commuters driving cars, because freedom is the American way of life. […]

Real Estate 101 – Investment Property

Whenever an investment is universally despised, it’s often a good time to consider investing. And, no investment is as unpopular as real estate right now. […]