The High Cost of Drugs and Crime

One of the defining issues facing society right now is the high cost of drugs and crime. Solving the drug problem, or at least limiting its damage, is the key to a brighter future for everyone. […]

Real Estate 101 – Purchase and Finance

Here is the summary version of the important things everyone should know before they purchase a house. […]

Top 10 Ways We know Inflation is Bad

According to the Labor Department, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) rose 0.4% in April and 3.2% in the past year. This is the biggest year-over-year increase since October of 2008. […]

Real Estate 101 – Market Dynamics

Real estate can be a positive lifelong investment or it can be a financial nightmare, depending on who you talk to. Often, the difference comes down to a couple of market factors that must be evaluated carefully, before the decision is made to buy. […]