Raising a Family on a Single Income

Living on a single income is a choice that dramitcally affects a family’s finances. So, I thought I would explain the reasons for our choice and the consequences that came with that decision. […]

The Economic Crisis is the Best Thing that Ever Happened to Us

This is a guest post by Rob Bennett.  Rob often writes on behavioral finance on the Passion Saving blog.  You can learn more about Rob’s background on his bio page.

You get fired.

You’re feeling very, very, very down. And scared about the future.

What do your friends tell you?

They tell you that someday you will look back […]

So Cal Personal Finance Bloggers

Last Saturday afternoon, a diverse group of bloggers met at the Dave & Busters in Irvine.  This was the first meeting of the So Cal Personal Finance bloggers, organized by Len Penzo.  The turn-out was good for our first meeting and some of the people travelled quite a distance.  I’ve read most of their blogs […]

Imagine a Life without Debt

Have you ever stopped to calculate how much you pay in interest every month? If you are like most American families, it’s probably at least a $1,000 per month and it could be a lot more. […]

The High Cost of Entertainment

A night on the town or a weekend get away can quickly add up to clobber your budget. The real trick is finding affordable entertainment, so you can enjoy the moment, without stressing over the cost. […]