The Benefits of Financial Reform

The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act was signed into law by President Obama today.  Anyone who follows my blog has heard me clamor for years about the need for these types of reforms.  And, although this bill is far from perfect, it is very comprehensive and it addresses most of the critical […]

Why Banks are out of Control

I just had an interesting comment debate with my buddy Matt over at the Online Investing AI Blog.  Matt’s a big fan of derivatives and a laissez-faire kind of guy.  He views government regulation with a heavy dose of skepticism.  I am not a big fan of cumbersome regulation myself.  But, I have become firmly convinced […]

My Visit with a Financial Advisor

Every couple of years, I am approached by someone who has recently become employed in the financial services industry.  This is usually a friend or former coworker, who is working through their warm market, looking for candidates to sell financial products.  This year, the approach seems to have evolved, because I was contacted via Facebook.  I immediately suspected […]

Five Huge Money Pitfalls

This is my favorite time of the year.  Not only has summer arrived, but it’s graduation season.  It’s my chance to impart some nuggets of wisdom onto impressionable graduates.  To those who seem genuinely interested, I usually provide a brief run-down of the five most important things to avoid.

1. Divorce

Image by Found […]