Practical Advice for the Career Challenged

I will highlight a general principle for each step in the career process and then provide an example from my own life, which illustrates how I learned these principles. […]

Overdraft is Over

The Federal Reserve announced Thursday new banking rules, which require consumers to opt-in before overdraft protection fees are allowed on their ATM and debit cards. This is a huge win for consumers who are being soaked for close to $40 billion dollars in overdraft fees in 2009 alone. […]

Pink Slip Tuesday

Today was Pink Slip Tuesday at my company. They laid-off 10 of my friends, which was 20% of our staff. The only good news for me today is I’m not one of the people who were let go. […]

Plight of the Consumer

As American consumers, 70% of the economy is based upon our spending. This makes us very powerful in some ways. It also makes us a target for aggressive sales tactics and deceptive marketing claims. […]

Announcing Hope to Prosper

This week, I moved my blog to With this change of venue comes a new style, a new attitude and a new theme for my blog. What hasn’t changed is my commitment to providing the highest quality content, with emphasis on sound financial planning. […]