4 Important Lessons on Investing

MySpace, king of the social networks just a few short years ago, sold for a paltry $35 million this week. News Corp. bought MySpace for $580 million in 2005, which pencils out to a 94% loss. I won’t invest in Facebook, Twitter or most other online businesses and here are 4 important reasons why. […]

The Four Seasons of Personal Finance

I am on vacation in Oregon right now, so summer is officially upon me.  I have  always wanted to write about the four seasons of personal finance.  I’ve seen a couple of seasons come and go in my life and I wanted to explain it to those who are just starting out.  Like the story […]

Lessons from the Iraqi Dinar Scam

According to my friend, I can buy Iraqi Dinar for pennies each and they will be worth a couple dollars each, as soon as the UN recognizes the Iraqi currency. […]

Year End Stock Market Strategies

Between the January Effect, the Santa Claus Rally and mutual fund distributions, my portfolio usually takes a nice jump at year end. […]

Earth Day Investment Ideas

Make no mistake about it, whatever your stance on climate change, there are going to be some radical changes in energy and transportation. And, investors are very important for making this happen. […]