The Night Before Christmas

”Twas the night before Christmas when all through the land, retailers were nervous and sales were at hand. The shoppers were scurrying from store to store and their wallets were lighter as they walked out the door. […]

Imagine a Life without Debt

Have you ever stopped to calculate how much you pay in interest every month? If you are like most American families, it’s probably at least a $1,000 per month and it could be a lot more. […]

Stopping Credit Card Deception

I have been posting for years about the deceptive practices of the credit card industry. I have strong personal feelings against the abuse of consumers and the credit card industry has consistently been one of the most abusive. […]

Credit is the Root of all Evil

The Love of Credit…

We all love the convenience of using our credit cards.  You walk up; buy something, swipe your card and you’re on your way.  Credit cards come in very handy for frequent purchases like gasoline and groceries.  They are great for automatically paying recurring bills, like utilities.  And, they are indispensable for dining, travel […]