Raising a Family on a Single Income

Living on a single income is a choice that dramitcally affects a family’s finances. So, I thought I would explain the reasons for our choice and the consequences that came with that decision. […]

Memo to Government: Cut Spending

America may be heading toward some very difficult times ahead. And, the primary reason is that our Government, at all levels, has spent us into ruin. […]

Exposing Government Scamflation

Scamflation (n) – 1. Erosion of our purchasing power by devaluation of the dollar  2. Printing vast amounts of money to cover deficit spending  3. Manipulating the inflation rate to avoid increases in bond interest

Inflation’s Harsh Reality

I read an interesting post over at the OnlineInvestingAI blog, where George reviews a book called How to Profit from […]

Overcome Money Problems

There are simple steps to mitigate money problems and turn the corner towards prosperity. […]

The End of Reckless Spending

Most important, it has sent a message to politicians that voters will no longer be ignored. They are angry with the Government and they are doing something about it. […]