Why You Need a Financial Plan

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I read an interesting article over on Main Street.com where they claim half of the financial planners don’t have a financial plan for themselves.  So, how are you supposed to trust someone with a plan for your money, when they don’t have a plan for their own?  Either they are completely incompetent, they don’t believe it’s that important […]

You are Wealthier than you Think

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The median American household will earn roughly $2.5 million during their working life.  Married households will earn roughly $3.8 million.  Most people make more or less.  Others work longer or retire sooner.  The point is, Americans earn millions during their lifetimes and never become millionaires. Don’t let that happen to you. Source: US Census Bureau […]

How to Avoid Bad Financial Advice

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I read a really sad story this week about Kevyn Ogawa, a young grocery store clerk who won the lottery in 2009. He is now suing his financial advisors for selling him $100 million in life insurance policies, despite having no spouse, no children, no siblings and no clear need for the death benefit.