No Diamonds or Cars this Christmas

I hate watching all of the Christmas commercials for expensive luxury items.  All of these commercials have the same tired theme.  You can prove your love for your significant other by buying them something ridiculously overpriced.  Even worse are the commercials that employ guilt and jealousy.  They show the wife across the street getting a new luxury car with a big bow and the wife who didn’t get one is glaring at her husband.

Don’t be a sucker for these commercials.  Love is more valuable than diamonds or luxury cars.  And, shiny things are no substitute for love.  Just look at how many couples break up and then fight over the ring.  There’s no love inside of a diamond.  If there were, then every rich person would be madly in love.  Invest yourself in the person you love and the jewelry will become irrelevant.

Filling Out the Christmas List

A strange thing happened when I filled out the Christmas list this year.  I realized that I really didn’t need much of anything.  I was able to come up with a couple of small things to put on the list.  But, it took some work to come up with things I could use.  It’s not like I am rich and have everything that I want.  It’s more like I have everything that I really need and I could easily afford the things I put on my list.  In a year where I have friends out of work and others in financial trouble, I felt pretty empty filling out a list of presents for myself.

What’s Really Important to Me

Health and happiness top my Christmas list.  Maybe, I’m just feeling reflective because I’ve taken such a beating in the stock market.  Or maybe, it’s because the whole financial world seems so shaky.  But, I have the mindset right now that the people in my life are the real assets.  Saving and investing are very important to me.  But, I do these things for my family and my future, not just for the money. 

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that money is an expression of value.  It can’t buy you love or happiness, despite what you see on TV.  What it can do is to help secure your future and protect the ones you love.  It can see you through tough times and it can provide freedom and opportunity.  Love and happiness are up to you.

Remember this December, that love weighs more than gold!

Josephine Dodge Daskam Bacon

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