My Take on the Brexit

So, the votes are in and the dust has settled.  The citizens of England have voted to leave the EU, by a very small margin of 52%.  There are lots of messy details to sort out and the analysts on TV are all buzzing.  I’m a typical American with a limited global perspective, but I […]

My Take on High Frequency Trading

Just in case you haven’t watched the financial news lately, everyone is up in arms about High Frequency Trading. HFT is employed by financial firms with superfast computers, who can execute stock trades much faster than retail investors. […]

Cyprus Banks Seize Customer Deposits

A financial catastrophe happened in the world today and most people hardly noticed. As part of a European bailout agreement, the country of Cyprus froze depositor’s bank accounts and will seize part of their assets. […]

3rd Anniversary of the Credit CARD Act

Last week quietly marked the 3rd anniversary of the passage of the Credit CARD Act of 2009. This law reformed the credit card industry and prohibited most unfair practices. […]

10 Reasons why Banks Must be Closely Regulated

I believe banks must be firmly regulated for their own good and the good of our country. It’s the right thing to do for Wall Street and for Main Street. Here are 10 reasons why. […]