Real Estate 101 – Investment Property

Whenever an investment is universally despised, it’s often a good time to consider investing. And, no investment is as unpopular as real estate right now. […]

Real Estate 101 – Purchase and Finance

Here is the summary version of the important things everyone should know before they purchase a house. […]

Real Estate 101 – Market Dynamics

Real estate can be a positive lifelong investment or it can be a financial nightmare, depending on who you talk to. Often, the difference comes down to a couple of market factors that must be evaluated carefully, before the decision is made to buy. […]

Real Estate 101 – Renting vs. Owning

One of the common themes that get kicked around the financial blogosphere is the debate between buying or renting a place to live. […]

Over a Million Homes are in Foreclosure

Once again this quarter, the rate of foreclosure starts and the percent of loans in the process of foreclosure are the highest recorded since 1979. […]