Fighting Global Poverty

In the United States, even during these shaky economic times, we have opportunity that is virtually unlimited. Any person of sufficient effort and talent can become a millionaire. […]

Giving Back – Wealthy Individuals

Much has been said and written about the selfishness, greed and arrogance of the wealthy.  You can’t turn on the news today without hearing about the latest corporate scandal, the workers who are being laid-off, the poor and disenfranchised or the victims of the powerful.  The wealthy have always been a convenient target of criticism, dating all the way […]

Wealth and Poverty in the World

Here are some basic statistics on wealth and poverty:

2% of the adults in the world own half of the world’s wealth. 10% of Americans own 72% of the wealth in America. 28% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. 10% of Americans age 65 and over live in poverty. The personal savings rate for the average American […]