3 Innovative New Ideas to Solve 3 of our Nation’s Biggest Problems

I usually stick to financial subjects on my blog, but I have had a couple of big ideas rattling around in my head for years, that I wanted to share.  While our politicians and the media concentrate on all of our country’s problems, I like to concentrate on useful solutions.  Below are three simple, straight-forward and easy […]

Father’s Day: The Next Generation

This Father’s Day seems very different to me, because in about a week I will be a Grandpa. I wasn’t expecting to have a grandchild so soon, but that’s the way life works sometimes. […]

Seeing Opportunity in the Future

I have been looking into buying an electric car and this has got me thinking a lot about the future. While most people are concerned about the economy or worrying about paying their mortgage, the world is changing rapidly and no one seems to notice. […]

Why Adult Kids are not Moving Out

It’s no big secret that kids are living with their parents longer and many are moving back home after college or after having been out on their own.  Gone are the days when teenagers boldly struck out on their own adventures soon after they turned 18.  Also gone are the days when parents gave their […]

What I Learned from my First Job

One of my fondest childhood memories was riding my BMX bike to work when I was 16 years old. Back then, I rode my BMX bike everywhere because I didn’t have a car. […]