The Economics of Energy

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In my opinion, the best way to help the environment is to change the cost and economics, so that it favors clean sources of energy. For example, people will start buying electric cars when they are priced roughly the same as gasoline powered vehicles. And, they will convert to wind and solar power when it becomes price competitive with utility power.

Worst Financial Advice Ever

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Here is the worst financial advice I have ever heard: “It’s better to rent instead of buying a house and then you can invest the difference in the stock market.” Logic Behind the Advice Often, this advice comes from someone who has “Run the Numbers” and determined mathematically that you will be ahead if you invest […]

Credit is the Root of all Evil

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The Love of Credit… We all love the convenience of using our credit cards.  You walk up; buy something, swipe your card and you’re on your way.  Credit cards come in very handy for frequent purchases like gasoline and groceries.  They are great for automatically paying recurring bills, like utilities.  And, they are indispensable for dining, travel […]