3 Innovative New Ideas to Solve 3 of our Nation’s Biggest Problems

I usually stick to financial subjects on my blog, but I have had a couple of big ideas rattling around in my head for years, that I wanted to share.  While our politicians and the media concentrate on all of our country’s problems, I like to concentrate on useful solutions.  Below are three simple, straight-forward and easy […]

The Four Seasons of Personal Finance

I am on vacation in Oregon right now, so summer is officially upon me.  I have  always wanted to write about the four seasons of personal finance.  I’ve seen a couple of seasons come and go in my life and I wanted to explain it to those who are just starting out.  Like the story […]

Freedom is just Another Word for Nothing Left to Lose

Some of the people I know who were making buckets of money a couple of years ago are going through some hard times. And, some of my closest friends have become the victim of layoffs. […]

Having Fun with Finances

I thought I would lighten things up a bit and have some fun with finances. Below are some jokes, quotes and cartoons I rounded up for your entertainment. […]

How Secure is your Future?

I have chosen to avoid every risk I can and to accept the unavoidable risks as a part of life. […]