Why You Need a Financial Plan

I read an interesting article over on Main where they claim half of the financial planners don’t have a financial plan for themselves.  So, how are you supposed to trust someone with a plan for your money, when they don’t have a plan for their own?  Either they are completely incompetent, they don’t believe it’s that important […]

How to Avoid Bad Financial Advice

I read a really sad story this week about Kevyn Ogawa, a young grocery store clerk who won the lottery in 2009. He is now suing his financial advisors for selling him $100 million in life insurance policies, despite having no spouse, no children, no siblings and no clear need for the death benefit. […]

Bitcoins and other Bizarre Investments

It’s been a volatile year for Bitcoin investors. On April 10, the Bitcoin market shot up to $266, before closing the day at around $125. The next day, Bitcoins started trading at $65. Today, they are trading around $121. The long-term value of a Bitcoin is anyone’s guess. It could be very valuable or completely worthless. […]

Investing for Lasting Prosperity

Most rational people realize they need to save and invest part of their income, but very few do it on a regular basis. People who fail to save will always live paycheck to paycheck. […]

Stocks and Other Misadventures

It has been a down week in the stock market and it makes me question why I ever got the itch to pick individual stocks. […]