How Much Money is Enough?

This got me thinking, if I had hundreds of millions of dollars, would I care about losing a couple million on a jet? More important, would I even want a private jet or hundreds of millions of dollars? […]

What I Learned from my First Job

One of my fondest childhood memories was riding my BMX bike to work when I was 16 years old. Back then, I rode my BMX bike everywhere because I didn’t have a car. […]

Money Fail: Dead End Job

The biggest Money Fail I can possibly think of is for someone to work their entire life for low wages at dead-end jobs. […]

This Year I am Thankful for my Job

I have so much to be thankful for this year, a wonderful family, a nice house, good health, lots of friends and a successful career. But, this year I have something else to be thankful for, a great job. […]

Practical Advice for the Career Challenged

I will highlight a general principle for each step in the career process and then provide an example from my own life, which illustrates how I learned these principles. […]