How to Maximize your Income

One of the harsh realities of the new millennium is a dearth of good-paying jobs, even for college grads.  It’s obvious middle-class jobs are quickly disappearing and being replaced by low-paying retail and service jobs.  Wage erosion is only going to get worse in the future.  Here is how to survive and get paid a […]

Why I Invest in Mutual Funds

There are a number of key reasons I invest in mutual funds and I strongly recommend them to other investors. […]

Five Huge Money Pitfalls

This is my favorite time of the year.  Not only has summer arrived, but it’s graduation season.  It’s my chance to impart some nuggets of wisdom onto impressionable graduates.  To those who seem genuinely interested, I usually provide a brief run-down of the five most important things to avoid.

1. Divorce

Image by Found […]

Quick Tips for a Better Life

Spend some of your spare time increasing your income. Pay off any consumer debt or loans as quickly as possible. Don’t buy anything you don’t need or can’t afford. Pay your bills promptly and in the most efficient manner. […]

Control Your Own Finances

For some, it’s hard to admit they need help with their finances. For others, they are happy to delegate this responsibility. No matter how you feel about your finances, it’s critical to retain control. […]