5 Critical Financial Mistakes

Nobody wants to make critical mistakes with their finances, but millions do it every day.  Fortunately, these 5 money mistakes are very easy to avoid.

1. Failing to Save

Image by Steve Bowbrick

There is a reason Saving money is number one on this list.  Nobody wants to save money and they have a […]

Life is Getting a Lot More Expensive

I’m constantly telling my kids how I moved out at 19, worked my own way through college and saved up for and bought a house.  I am very proud of this and hoped to set an example for them to follow.  The really bad news for my kids and others in their 20s is that it’s […]

Rainy Days Come at the Worst Time

I have always been sunny and optimistic. But, I have been to a lot of funerals lately and it’s got me feeling down. […]

Breaking the Cycle of Being Broke

I got a Facebook message from a friend of mine who was feeling down. His truck was broken and he didn’t have the money to fix it. He told me that he was just tired of being broke and he couldn’t get motivated to work, even though he really needed the money. […]

America’s Greatest Generation

Veterans of World War II have been referred to as “America’s Greatest Generation”. They were raised during the Great Depression and fought in World War II. They created a boom in American affluence, harnessed atomic energy and put a man on the moon. […]