Life is Getting a Lot More Expensive

I’m constantly telling my kids how I moved out at 19, worked my own way through college and saved up for and bought a house.  I am very proud of this and hoped to set an example for them to follow.  The really bad news for my kids and others in their 20s is that it’s […]

Will this Election Change your Future?

On the day of the 2012 Presidential election, I thought I would skip the politics and talk about our financial futures. To me, it’s not so important which party or candidate is elected. What is really important is a brighter future for me, my family and my country. […]

Opportunity is All we were Promised

We all know the economy is bad, but it’s still possible for most people to get a decent job and make an honest living.  So, why are so many people dependent on the government for assistance?  Are the conditions really so bad that people have no choice?  Or, have we become a nation of slackers?  […]

Why the Middle Class is Feeling Poor

According to a recent news article in CNN Money, the personal wealth for the median American household may have dropped by as much as 40%, between 2007 and 2010. It’s no wonder the middle class is feeling significantly poorer, because they are. […]

The Government Returns to Fiscal Sanity

I generally avoid political posts on my finance blog. But, the recall election in Wisconsin offers such dramatic implications for the future of our nation, it deserves some objective analysis. […]