How to Make Money In the Stock Market For Beginners

The journey of a new investor takes many twists and turns. From my own personal experience, I hope to shed some light on how even a beginner can invest profitably in the stock market. In this post, I’ll take you through step by step about what you should do.

This week’s article is a guest […]

How Has Buy-and-Hold Survived So Long?

I’m not a Buy-and-Holder. I believe that Yale Economics Professor Robert Shiller’s research has shown Buy-and-Hold to be a gravely flawed strategy and that Valuation-Informed Indexing (which teaches that investors must change their stock allocations in response to big valuation swings) is far more sensible and effective approach. […]

The Economic Crisis is the Best Thing that Ever Happened to Us

This is a guest post by Rob Bennett.  Rob often writes on behavioral finance on the Passion Saving blog.  You can learn more about Rob’s background on his bio page.

You get fired.

You’re feeling very, very, very down. And scared about the future.

What do your friends tell you?

They tell you that someday you will look back […]