My Take on the Brexit

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So, the votes are in and the dust has settled.  The citizens of England have voted to leave the EU, by a very small margin of 52%.  There are lots of messy details to sort out and the analysts on TV are all buzzing.  I’m a typical American with a limited global perspective, but I […]

Fallout from the Panama Papers

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A Panamanian legal firm, Mossack Fonseca, was recently hacked and Sunday over 11 million of their confidential documents were posted on the Internet.  This is significant because MF is the fourth largest global asset protection (tax shelter) law firm.  These documents list many of the world’s most wealthy and powerful. Why this is Such a Big Deal […]

Robo-Investing is the Next Big Thing

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It’s no big secret the financial services industry often takes advantage of retail investors.  High fees, poor performance and a lack of liquidity can be the cost of doing business with a commission-based financial advisor.  They have to get paid and that requires some costly products. Finally, there is an alternative to hiring a financial […]

My Thoughts on Retirement Planning

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I received an email from one of my readers asking me about my thoughts on retirement planning. “What did you do successfully in your 20s to prepare for retirement? What you would have done differently to ensure a better financial future? What would be your ideal retirement plan?” My ideal retirement plan would be to […]