Opportunity is All we were Promised

We all know the economy is bad, but it’s still possible for most people to get a decent job and make an honest living.  So, why are so many people dependent on the government for assistance?  Are the conditions really so bad that people have no choice?  Or, have we become a nation of slackers?  […]

Why Rich People Focus on Earning

I spent the first decade of my working life scrimping and saving to get by, when I should have been concentrating on my career, my income and my education. I could have easily earned hundreds of thousands of dollars more, instead of saving a couple thousand dollars here and there. […]

Work is Not a Four-Letter Word

Young adults see work very different from past generations. We saw work as an opportunity to achieve all of our goals and dreams. In other words, we saw it as a way to get a car. Most of the kids I know today just see work as a hassle and something to be avoided. Heck, most of the kids I know don’t even have cars. Times have definitely changed. […]