What if Everything you Know about Money is Wrong?

What if all of this financial advice is wrong? What if the conditions are changing and the old rules no longer apply? […]

Money Fail: Lenders of Last Resort

Whenever I think of Lenders of Last Resort, I think of Gary Coleman and Montell Williams. I also think of the Payday Loan stores, conveniently located downtown and next to military bases. They are waiting for a weak moment in someone’s life to entice a new customer. […]

Money Fail: Never Track Finances

One common thread between most people who are floundering financially, is that they don’t keep track of their finances. People can’t improve their financial lives, unless they know where their money is going. […]

My Interview on Best of the Best Blogger Series

I was recently interviewed in the Best of the Best Blogger series on the Credit Card Assist website. I enjoyed giving the interview and I am truly honored to have been selected. […]