Do you have Misplaced Money Values?

It’s very hard to make, manage and enjoy money, if someone has personal values that conflict with the reality of wealth. […]

Protect yourself before Disaster Strikes

True to their nature, the Japanese are taking a proactive approach to solving their own problems. There will be many valuable lessons learned from this tsunami to help the people of Japan prepare for the next one. […]

Freedom is just Another Word for Nothing Left to Lose

Some of the people I know who were making buckets of money a couple of years ago are going through some hard times. And, some of my closest friends have become the victim of layoffs. […]

Walmart Credit Card Quotas

This weekend, as I was saying “No” to a Walmart credit card for the hundredth time, I noticed a quota board behind the head cashier. It appears each cashier in the San Clemente store “Must Have 15 C/Cards Daily!”. […]