The Wisdom of Sir John Templeton

They would be living in the Bahamas, quietly amassing a fortune from their portfolio. That describes the life of Sir John Templeton, a true financial guru. […]

Memo to Government: Cut Spending

America may be heading toward some very difficult times ahead. And, the primary reason is that our Government, at all levels, has spent us into ruin. […]

How to Pick a Mutual Fund – Risk

Investing always involves some risk and there’s no way to avoid it completely. The trick is to keep the risk to your principal as low as possible, while still bringing in a return that makes your investments grow. […]

How to Pick a Mutual Fund – Fees

The reason fees are so important to avoid is because they reduce your rate of return. Instead of this money going into your account, it gets siphoned off to the fund company or a financial adviser. […]

How to Pick a Mutual Fund – Type

Picking the type of mutual fund that is right for your financial situation is no easy chore, especially for the novice investor. So, I have provided a basic run-down of the options available and their investment characteristics. […]