Earth Day Investment Ideas

Make no mistake about it, whatever your stance on climate change, there are going to be some radical changes in energy and transportation. And, investors are very important for making this happen. […]

Bank Troubles in the News

There is a plethora of exciting stories in the news this week. The common theme is that banks are in the cross-hairs of regulators, who have finally started to pull the trigger. […]

Time for a Flat-Rate Income Tax

We must eliminate the ability of the connected and the wealthy to game the system to avoid paying taxes. And, we should require everyone over the poverty line to pay taxes, regardless of the number of dependents. […]

A Fool and his Money are Soon Parted

It’s a tradition for bloggers to come up with fake stories to trick everyone on April Fool’s Day. Instead, I have decided to explain how most Americans are being tricked out of their paychecks. […]